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Small Business Ideas in India| Start Up with Low Investment, Profitable

Small Business Ideas in India

This is a very common belief that if you want to start a business you will need lots of money which seems to be true. But the good news is that you can really start a business at low Investment. You can use your skills and ambitions towards a better way of good earnings. We will discuss here Small Business Ideas in India which will provide you a guiding factor to Start Up with Low Profitable Investment and make your business profitable. Let’s check it below…

Small Business Ideas in India

Small Business Ideas in India

Business requiring low investment

Property Dealing:

Property Dealing is one of the best options if you don’t have lots of money to spend for a business. You just need some sellers and buyers of lands/plots and houses. You will receive a good amount as commission on every deal.

Recruitment Firm:

Companies have started to appoint an employee on the contract basis these days due to the financial constraints. You can make available these employees who are ready to work on a contract basis for the companies. You will need an office (Not so huge) and start to make contacts with the companies. List the skills which the company wants in an employee. Send the employee to the company and get the commission.

Designer Festival Gifts:

Festivals are becoming trendy day by day. On every festival a trend has been started for few years which are, giving Gifts/presents on a festival to friends and relatives. People decorate their houses with custom items and you can start this business with using your creativity and attract more buyers. 

Event Management:

Event management is also a boom in the field of low investment business. This event management can make you the owner of a reputed business if you have the talent of managing things and you have a strong network. You only need to manage all the things in an event and the matter of investment will be in the hand of the event host.

SEO Consultancy:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a bang on! in the Internet world. SEO Consultancy is in demand among the many websites. You can open up the business of SEO Consultancy after getting the training.

Online Business:

You can start an online business through setting up a page on an online shopping website and if you have a quality product then the products will shape your business. You can earn money by promoting the business of people through affiliate marketing and you will be paid a good amount.

Wedding Planning:

In every country there is a trend to decorate the marriage place as no one has seen before. The marriage hosts want to manage every area of the marriage place to make the wedding memorable which increases the opportunity for a wedding planner to make money in exchange of his creativity.


You can start blogging through your own blog on internet. If you provide excellent information and you get success to bring the internet traffic on your blog then this business can give you good earning for a long time.

Jewellery Designing:

The Indian women give more importance to the jewelleries. The adornment of Indian women can never be completed without Jewellery and they always demands new and fresh designs. You have to just take training and you will earn big amount of money every month.

Food/Catering Services:

If you can cook different kind of foods then this is the business for you. If you have talent to cook mouth watering dishes then you can start this work on a food trailer and if you know how to make a delicious cake then you can start it from your home.

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