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Tips for First Time Flyers - Air Travel Guide to Prepare for First Flight

Tips for First Time Flyers

Travel through airways is not a big deal but becomes so daunting and confusing when we travel first time. To avoid the difficulty and problems at airport or during the flight we are presenting here some Tips for First Time Flyers on this page. These tips will act as an Air Travel Guide for you to Prepare for First Flight.

Tips for First Time Flyers

Traveling through airways is the best and fastest ways to reach to the desired destination within time, but if you are traveling in a flight for first time than it might become a little annoying for you. The following tips will definitely help you to complete your journey comfortably and pleasantly.

Tips for First Time Flyers

Purchasing the Air Ticket:

The easiest way to purchase a flight ticket is through online mode. You can get the current information about the airfares through some search engines like Kayak and Expedia. You just have to fill the destination and starting points with Dates of your journey. The Airfare search Engine will provide the details about the entire flight schedule.


When you are traveling on air under the nation region you should bring Photo Identity proof of yourself. If you have planned to go outside the country then you will need and passport valid up to 6 months from the date of departure.

Baggage Allowances:

Tips for First Time Flyers

Before packing your luggage you have to go through the baggage criteria of the airline company. You can grab the entire information from the Official Website. Generally the airline company allows one carry-on bag and one personal item to carry while traveling on an aircraft.

Be on time:

You should reach to the airport before 30 minutes. This will help you to be familiar with airport rules and regulations and will help in getting airport clearance with ample of time.

The Check in Desk:

You have to follow the signs mentioned on the Check in Desk and you also have to hold your identities in your hand to show it to the agent.  He will ask you for reservation print boarding passes and collect any baggage fees for checked bags.

Go Through Security:

Follow the signs for security and get ready with all identifications and boarding pass because you will be asked for that at the check point.

Reach to the right Gate:

You can check your boarding pass or electronic display to know the flight and its gate number.

Get your baggage back:

After the aircraft is landed to the airport, exit the plane and follow the signs to get your baggage. Your flight number and departure city will be displayed on the electronic display.

So guys, follow these simple instructions to make your journey enjoyable. Have a Happy Journey!

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