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Function of Flight Mode in Phone- Airplane Mode Usage, How to Activate

Function of Flight Mode in Phone

Function of Flight Mode or Airplane Mode features in mobile Phones or other portable devices which turn off all the wireless activities like Calls, Sending Receiving SMS, WiFi and Bluetooth Function.

This setting is also known an offline mode, standalone and flight mode. The Flight Mode is different in different devices. In an iPhone, Airplane Mode turn’s off the cellular voice and data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Local based services.

Function of Flight Mode in Phone

Some of the airline companies are about to begin in-flight Wi-Fi without transmission Function. The explanation for barring connectivity during traveling in planes is the requirement to avoid interference with the onboard communications in planes.

Function of Flight Mode in Phone     

What is airplane mode do?

Activating airplane mode always disables Wi-Fi. On the other hand, on most devices, you can permit Wi-Fi after enabling airplane mode. Cellular signals will still be blocked, but Wi-Fi will be functioning so you may connect to that in-flight Wi-Fi network. A number of devices also permit you to enable Bluetooth when airplane mode is enabled.

Follow these steps to Activate Airplane Mode in Phone:
  • If your display is dim, tap the screen to wake up the watch.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • Swipe from right to left until you see Settings then touch it.
  • Scroll until you see Airplane mode.
  • Touch Airplane mode to turn on or off.

Airplane Mode Importance and Usage

The usage of this function is to turnoff the network in a mobile phone or other devices which support the wireless activities. If you want to avoid all the calls and messages to your mobile phone then you can use the flight mode. You phone will turn off the network but you can use some features like Camera, Music Player, Games etc.

In an aircraft, the mobile phones and other devices which support the wireless activity are prohibited. If a mobile phone is running with its network, then the frequency of the phone may distract frequencies which are being used by the aircraft and may become the reason of a crash.

So airline companies don’t allow the mobile phones without debarring the network. The Flight Mode or Airplane Mode lets the travelers to use their Phones and other Devices under the airline rules and regulations.

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