Monday, September 30, 2013

Hanging Problem In Smartphone - Possible Reasons And Solutions

Now, it is the trend to keep Smartphone but there is a drawback of smart phone that is hanging problem.

Mobile phones often get hanged that run with reserved operating systems. This problem is raising cause of overloading on the processor.  Android has swiftly become as one of the most widely used operating system in smart phones. But many problems are there that people have to face:

Possible reasons:
  • Overloading on the processor may cause of slow processing.
  • If you download the heavy application and your mobile RAM is small than the applications do not work properly.
  • If you run multiple applications at the same time your phone will be hanged.
Follow these ways to prevent hanging on your smart phone:
  • If your phone RAM is small then never run heavy application.
  • Never run multiple applications at the same time.
  • Try to not apply needless and heavy themes as it slows the mobile.
  • You should have a good antivirus that keeps your smart phone safe.
  • If you have desire to operate heavy application then you may increase RAM of your smart phone.
  • It is good idea to install the application in the external memory of the smart phone.
  • Many application and tools are available in the market that helps you to manage the phone in much effective manners.
Many Symbian phones face this problem of hanging in between a running application their problem cannot be solved with the above given solutions

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Are Cell Phone Batteries Toxic And Dangerous- Issues And Precautions

Mobiles are the first requirement of today’s generation. They use to carry it all the time with them. This has to be proved that cell phones are the basic need of human being. But wait... Do you know that cell phones can harm you?

The main part of the cell phone which can harm you the most is BATTERY. Cell phone batteries are toxic and dangerousin some aspects. Here we are giving you some precautions by which you may get rid of from dangerous effect of cell phone batteries.

We are also providing you the issues how the cell phone batteries are harmful to you.


From here you may see how these batteries are dangerousto us. Here are some real parameters:
  • Due to overheating, cell phones can spark a fire. The fragments which are out from the phone due to overheating may cause blast. Try to use legitimate battery for your cell phone.
  • Electric problems may also arise from cell phone batteries. When the cell phone gets in contact with water then it may also short circuit the battery.
  • Due to excessive heat of batteries, a person may burn his body parts.
  • Phone batteries have bacteria in it which may harm you. These bacteria’s infect the body part of users. 
  • Use your mobile phone carefully.
  • Keep away the battery from metal items.
  • Use legitimate batteries in your cell phone.
  • Replace the phone and battery at once if it gets in touch with water.
  • Try to use original batteries for your phone.
  • Proper cleaning of phone and batteries is must at time to time.
  • Avoid wireless charging.
So if you follow the points, the life of your cell phone will increase and you won’t suffer from battery problems.

Albert Einstein’s Comment on Smartphones- His Forecast and Fear

Albert Einstein’s Comment on Smart phones

One thing I can say about this scientist is that he was the man who changed the world. Albert Einstein was a physicist who gave the new definition of living through his inventions. Here on this page we are telling you Albert Einstein forecast and fear on Smart phones.

As we all know technology is growing faster day by day, facilities are also increasing. And we often have no idea how it affects us. If I talk about the phone then it is considered to be the most important part of life of today’s generation, without it youth can’t survive.

But do you know the fact that these things were already known and forecasted earlier by a great scientist.

Yes that’s true. Albert Einstein was the man who knew everything. At the time of his inventions, he forecasted that no interaction will exist among the youth in modern age.

Albert Einstein’s Forecast and Fear

He was the smartest man on the earth. The great scientist forecasted that today’s generation can’t survive without cell phones.

He commented on the smart phones that “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human Interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Youngsters proved him right. They are addicted to the cell phones and made their own world in which there is no time for any other social activity.

Teenagers have so much attachment with the mobile phones. They always keep an eye on their phones even when they are talking to others or going for outing with the friends or any other. From here you can see:

This surely proves him to be right as Smartphone’s are getting smarter and people are becoming dumber. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Best 3G, 4G Plans and Services Available in India- Make Your Choice

Selecting a data plan which will be accurate for you can be difficult, so you need to gather complete information related to the latest and best 3G, 4G Plans and Services Availablein India by which you will be protected from the burden of huge data usage bills.

3G & 4G Services:

3G (third Generation)is a technology which is used for mobile broadband; it offers data transfer speeds of up to 21 Mbps, with usual speeds of 2 - 3 Mbps.

4G (fourth Generation) is heir to 3G technologies, which is offering data transfer speeds of up to 100 Mbps, but usual speeds will be in the range of 12 - 15 Mbps.

Best 3G, 4G Services Available in India:

Almost all the telecom companies offer different 3G services in India to their consumers.  But 4G services are only provided by the Idea and Airtel.

Here we provide you the info related to the Best 3G, 4G Plans Available in India. If you are interested then must check below:

For Idea:

Plan cost (Rs.)
Free Data
Validity (days)
1GB (after 1GB 2p/10 KB)
1GB data on first 12 recharges, from 13th recharge onwards benefit is 500 MB (in Kerala only)
2 GB + onnet local call at 20p/min (after 2GB 2p/10 KB)
1 GB/month + onnet local call at 20p/min (after 1GB 2p/10 KB)
1 GB/month + onnet local call at 20p/min (after 1GB 0.5p/10 KB)
1.5 GB + 200MB facebook/month + onnet local call at 20p/min (after 1GB 0.5p/10 KB)
180 days

For Reliance:

Plan Name
Free Data
Validity (days)
Plan cost (Rs.)
MB Packs
1 GB
500 MB
1 GB
Unlimited Data packs
5 GB Unlimited
10 GB Unlimited
15 GB Unlimited
Long Validity packs
6 GB
18 GB

For Airtel:

Prepaid plan cost (Rs.)
plan cost (Rs.)
Free Data
Bill Shield Value(Postpaid)
200 MB
500 MB
1200 MB
4/5 GB

This recharge offers are subjected to change with the companies schemes and offers getting rescheduled.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Full Talktime Recharge- Special Recharge Available- Online Schemes

Full Talktime Recharge:

All telecom companies offer online schemes for full talk time recharge on different special offers available and diverse type of tariff, in different circles of India.

If you are also want to know information about the full talk time recharge. Then we are providing you some Special Recharge Available- Online Schemes, which are currently offered by these telecom companies.

You can easily able to recharge your mobiles for full talktime by your home or office. Now prepaid users of all telecom companies have no needs to wait for full talktime offers every day every time full talk time recharge is available for specific amount of recharge.

Special Recharge Available- Online Schemes

Must look below to know latest special recharge Available under the online schemes related to the full talktime recharge.

Recharge offer with full talk time
Top up Price

Rs. 330/-
Rs. 330/-
Haryana, West Bengal, Orissa, Gujarat, Kerala and all others states accept Mumbai.
Rs. 440/-
Rs. 440/-
In all over India

Rs. 111/-
Rs. 111/-
Himachal Pradesh, Orissa
Rs. 150/-
Rs. 150/-
Rs. 240/-
Rs. 220/-
Bihar & Jharkhand
Rs. 250/-
Rs. 250/-
Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Karnataka
Rs. 300/-
Rs. 300/-
UP (East), Karnataka
Rs. 650/-
Rs. 550/-
Bihar & Jharkhand

Rs. 50/-
Rs. 50/-
Orissa, Bihar & Jharkhand
Rs. 110/-
Rs. 110/-
West Bengal, Rajasthan, UP, North east , Bihar & Jharkhand
Rs. 250/-
Rs. 250/-
Karnataka, MP, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Delhi, Kerala  
Rs. 360/-
Rs. 330/-

Rs. 3500/-
Rs. 3300/-
Tamil Nadu
Rs. 6000/-
Rs. 5500/-
Tamil Nadu

How to Keep Your Phone Number Busy, Avoid and Block Unwanted Calls

Today the problem of blank and unwanted callsis increasing day by day. Now you may avoid /block calls by keeping your cell phone busy.

If someone is irritating you on phone and talking rubbish you can know block the calls of that person. Here we are providing you a simple method by which your phone number will go busy and you will get rid of unwanted calls. You may also block unwanted calls by inbound call blocker or you may activate it by your cell phone.

How to Keep Your Phone Number Busy

To keep your cell phone safe from unwanted calls, you may talk to your own mobile company. They will tell you where to register a complaint of those mobile numbers. You may also talk to customer care they will definitely give you a solution.

You may avoid and block unwanted calls by software applications also. Today many applications in the mobile phones are especially developed to get rid of this problem. For example- EASY BUSY. It is an application which is developed by WebGate.

Easy Busy is especially designed to block or avoid unwanted calls. The application will automatically block the unnecessary call (which was put in the black list) through a busy toneand caller will not recognize that the receiver avoids him.

You may also check the status of those unwanted calls time to time from the rejection list. This application is very user friendly. You may use it any time or in any phone.

So use this application in your phone and get rid of unnecessary calls.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

IMEI Number Registration and Importance In India – Reasons

IMEI Number:

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a uniquely designed 15 to 17 digit unique code to recognize a mobile device and even for some other devices also. It is generally printed on the back of the phones below the battery.

IMEI can also be put on view on the phones screen by entering *#06#. It is an important tool for the tracking of the phone because there are no two mobile phones in the world containing the same number.

IMEI Number Registration and Importance in India:

IMEI Registration is important due to security reasons of our nation. If, it is not registered on a mobile phone, the tracking of the phone would be impossible and anyone can take advantage of this.

As we know some years ago the Chinese handsets were very easily available in the market without any registration of IMEI number at very low cost. And anyone can buy such Chinese mobile phones and perform several unethical activities with the help of that cell phone and no one was able to catch that person.

This is a not a small issue because it may be used in any big conspiracy against the nation. So for that reason Registration make compulsory for every phone and these Chinese phones were ban in India for the national security.

After this rule all the handsets which were not having the valid IMEI number they were blocked (stop working) under the order of Cellular Operators Association of India and Department of telecom.

So, if you are using a mobile phone then keep its IMEI number safe. It will help you to get back your cell phone if it will misplaces anywhere.

Why Does SMS Have 160 Character Limit Reasons And Best Offers For SMS

SMS as Short Messaging Services is a service by which we communicate with our friends, relatives and many more by doing text messages. We all are familiar with this service but have we even thought that why does SMS have only 160 Characters limit? What are the reasons behind that?

Well don’t need to take pressure on your mind. Here we are giving you the answer of all the above questions. Apart from this we are also providing you the best offers for SMS.

Why Does SMS Have 160 Character Limit? Reasons

Well it’s a very big and interesting story behind the reason. We are telling you the story here for this reason.

Friedhelm Hillebrand, who was the chairman of non voice services committee for GSM group discovered the concept of SMS in 1985. He performed the task of setting the limit of SMS Characters up to 160.

How he did so?

To do this task, he sat at the typewriter and typing some sentences and words. After that he applied the same procedure on a sheet of paper. He saw the average amount of the characters he used.

By doing this he found that every sentence limit was only 160 characters. So he decided to limit the characters of SMS up to 160 characters and he told this fact to his committee members.

Committee Members denied this fact of Friedhelm. They hesitated through the fact that if the characters limit is 160 then there might be some problem in communication. After that the guy again doing some assumptions and research to proved this fact.

Now see what are these assumptions?
  • To prove the fact, he took some postcards that he received and in that he found the same thing. The characters limit in postcard was less than 150 characters. After that he thought to offer 10 characters more to the customers.
  • When he applied the same method for transmission through Telex, he found the same thing. Characters average limit was not greater than 150 characters.   
So, this was the story behind SMS characters limit. What do you think friends? Post your comments below.

Best Offers for SMS

Dear friends! If you want to know about the best offers for SMS then you need to go to the official website of your telecom providers as the plans and packs for the SMS changes regionally and also they are limited to particular time period.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Second Hand Laptops - Best Buy Online at Decent Price

Second hand laptops can be bought due to different reasons. For this cause the best buy online at decent price is provided so that user may be guided in proper way and could be helped in buying a laptop appropriate for them.

Second hand laptops are bought in the conditions where the user had some financial issues or his/her previous one is lost so he/she does not want to invest again in a new one or it is for small business where investment is not too hefty.

Things to be kept in Mind:

There are many points that are concerned before buying:
  • It should not be physically damaged.
  • If in warranty than for how many days and if not than how old it is.
  • It should be noted that the laptop must not be a stolen one.
  • If a laptop is to be bought according to the configuration then it should have prĂ©cised particulars.
  • Accessories like charger should work properly.
  • Battery backup is also a main point of concern.
  • If a particular brand is to be bought than that model must not be out of production of the company otherwise components of the product would be hard to search.
  • All the ports and DVD/ CD writer must work properly.
These points can be kept in mind and laptop could be bought from various online marketing websites for their discount offers and prices keep on changing.

Another thing is that some websites have product return policy and some do not have so that second hand laptop should be bought from a website that could take back its product and return your money if you are not satisfied with it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Laptop Screen Guard Advantages and Best Offers Available

Every laptop has a need for the screen guard its advantages and best offers available are given below to give the access to best buying prices and to let you know about its importance.

Laptop screen is vulnerable to many damages to avoid those conditions a thin layer of a film is coated. The screen guard not only protects the laptop from any damage but also gives the enhancement to the screen brightness.

Laptop Screen Guard Advantages:

There are lots of advantages using a screen guard some of which are:
  • It protects eyes from sharp rays of the screen if a user is sitting for a long time in front of the laptop.
  • It helps to avoid scratches over the screen due to many facts like impression of keys when kept in closed position.
  • Screen guard also increases the life span of the laptop screen.
  • Fingerprints and other damages could be prevented.
  • It does not get stickled much to the laptop so it’s easy to remove if you want to remove it.
  • Screen guards are available in different features like a single layered or multiple layered. It is better to have a guard with multiple layers as it is more advanced and affective.
  • Changing a screen guard regularly will surely increase the quality and durability of the laptop screen.
Best Offer Available:

There are lot of screen guards available online if you want to buy it depends on the screen of the laptop you are using also the survey has shown that due to many reasons business of laptops has increased on a higher scale than that of PC so there is a need to protect the gadget that is preferred by most of the people.

Offers from as low as Rs. 200/- to 500/- are available online to buy a guard for protection of your screen.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Laptop Exchange Offer - Best Discount price Available In Market/ Online

Laptop exchange offerswith best discount price available to buy the best product with getting maximum amount of money in return of your laptop are provided so that these offers could be considered by the user according to his/her needs.

If you are planning to buy a new laptop and you already acquire an older version than you would definitely look at the offers that could be useful for you and could help you in paying the fewer amount for fresh machinery.

Laptop Exchange Offers:

The exchange offer is provided by both the company and some external websites that work in purchase and sells of such products.

The site like:
  • Ezoneonline
  • Gogi
  • Laptopxchange
  • Quikr
  • Ooptions
These websites always have such offers that could be used by a person interested to sell his/her system in order to have a new one.

Damaged or cracked laptops may have a low value and price offer might decrease for them.

One must be careful about the price deals and offers that the company is providing for exchange products because sometimes these offers might not give the amount that should have been provided in exchange of the product.

Condition of the laptop is also a major factor as it could also affect the price range of the exchange offer.

The configuration is also something that is considered while getting a laptop.

Hope that this information could help you exchange your laptop at best price.